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Remaining competitive in the ever evolving battleground of business doesn’t happen with singular one-off initiatives in technology or big data. Real transformation takes cohesive, intelligent, operations driving innovative, best-in-class experiences. When executed upon properly, the impacts are massive.


The StoryVesting Framework

 The core of business success lies in the ability to foster strong, human
connections. When a brand can be aligned internally with it’s employees
across all foundational elements, and reflectively align with their key buyer
— they create a memorable and impactful set of experiences that naturally
create dedicated brand ambassadors.

Assess Alignment

How do you lead a company to continue to thrive, regardles
of the macroeconomic backdrop and downturns? The answer
to continuing up the S Curve of Growth — Resilience guided
by a transformational business framework.

No Man’s Land

Limited Brand Equity
Disconnected Experiences
Company First


High Brand Equity
Connected Experiences
Customer First

Brand Euphoria

Deep Congnitive Association
Brand & Immersive Experiences


The Bow Tie Funnel

 Over time, paradigm shifts like technology innovation, product and service
disruption, platform proliferation, digital automation, highly networked social
platforms and consumer behavior have completely usurped the traditional
funnel. Companies that look at using intelligent operations to build repetitive
loyalty loops will stand to gain ground versus one-off sales.


This is where customers first touch your brand. How do
you establish relevance to their pain points to excite them
into engaging further?


In the nurture phase your customer is seeking answers to their questions regarding their brand. This is the time to establish an emotional connection with your brand.


As the customer reaches closer to conversion, they’re firing up both logical and emotional feelings. We can help deliver the right message at the right moment to push them over the edge.


What digital experiences can you deliver to a buyer during and immediately after a purchase to wrangle any emotional remorse or questions marks.


The adoption phase is where your customer gets onboarded with what will happen after purchase. Its in this stage where a customer begins to see the value in what you deliver.


As a customer becomes more loyal to your brand, they’re continuing to deepen their relationship with you that goes beyond a simple repeat purchase.


Your customer transitions to becoming an advocate as they readily and eagerly talk about your brand to others. This phase is ideal for social media engagement and organic word-of-mouth growth.

Brand Ambassador

This is where all brands should aim to achieve where their customers openly and actively promote their brand to friends, family and whoever else will listen.

We help our forward-thinking clients solve some of the biggest challenges they face.

Insightful analytics to make sense of big data

Big data is, well, big. Taking big data and making it insightful, useful and actionable is no easy task. And yet the future belongs to organizations that can harness that data to transform key internal and external drivers of growth.

Understanding the end-to-end experience

Businesses will either win or lose on the battleground of holistic Customer Experience (CX) driven by Intelligent Operations. Winning this battleground means creating exceptional interfaces and frictionless experiences across the entire pathway to purchase. At every touchpoint, our experienced hybrid teams work with your teams and partners to develop engaging UX/UI solutions that roll into an integrated CX strategy.

Experience Alignment (EX to CX)

Have you taken a look at why your customers convert? What about why your employees remain at your company? A human-centered, empathetic understanding of human motivation, both on the customer and employee side of business, is key to creating experiences that result in retention and massive revenue growth.

Customer Experience Data Looping

Simply understanding your customer’s behavior is not enough. Anticipating their expectations, preferences, actions, emotional and logical triggers is what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. To make this a reality, real-time and predictive data loops create outstanding opportunities to drive growth.

Innovate and build things together

Your business is sure to face a strategic inflection point—that moment where previous momentum is showing signs of slowing down or the lack of momentum is causing brand disconnect or even churn. Solving for the complex is a core part of our DNA and raison d’etre. We’re here to help you navigate those critical moments in your business to help propel you to that next level.

Reduce complexity and optimize your tech stack

With the proliferation of intelligent platforms and tools, even leading organizations can get mired down into analysis paralysis. Bridging the back and front office operations requires intelligent systems. Interwoven data-centric and intelligence tech stacks can reduce complexity and pave the way to deliver superior employee and customer experiences.


A business transformation framework should cover multiple layers and nuances that just can’t be summed up into one or two takeaways, and yet is deceptively simple at the surface level. Like a pocket watch, it has a very understandable surface layer but requires multiple intricate parts below the surface that overlap in perfect unison…”

Customer Experience (CX) Terms