Our Methodology
for Success.

The Storyvesting Framework

The battleground of business today isn’t won with a single magic bullet, like better technology or big data. It’s won with cohesive, intelligent back and front office operations supporting best-in-class Customer Experiences (CX). When executed upon properly, the implications are massive.

A Proprietary Data-Driven Intelligent Operations
Framework to Drive Successful Outcomes

How well does your organization align with your customers wants and needs?

No Man’s Land

Limited Brand Equity
Disconnected Experiences
Company First


High Brand Equity
Connected Experiences
Customer First

Brand Euphoria

Deep Cognitive Association
Brand & Immersive Experiences

storyvesting framework

Building a Process to an End Point
(i.e. Purchase) Isn’t Enough.

Over time, paradigm shifts like technology innovation, product and service disruption, platform proliferation, digital automation, highly networked social platforms and consumer behavior have completely usurped the traditional funnel. Companies that look at using intelligent operations to build repetitive loyalty loops will stand to gain ground versus one-off sales.

bowtie funnel

We Help Our Forward-Thinking Clients
Solve Some of the Biggest Challenges They Face

Making Sense of
Big Data

Lowering Financial Risk

Big data is, well, big. Taking big data and making it insightful, useful and actionable is no easy task. And yet the future belongs to organizations that can harness that data to transform key internal and external drivers of growth.

Understanding the End-to-End Experience

Insights Ready for Ideation

Businesses will either win or lose on the battleground of holistic Customer Experience (CX) driven by Intelligent Operations. Winning this battleground means creating exceptional interfaces and frictionless experiences across the entire pathway to purchase. At every touchpoint, our experienced hybrid teams work with your teams and partners to develop engaging UX/UI solutions that roll into an integrated CX strategy.

CX Data Looping

Lowering Financial Risk

Simply understanding your customer’s behavior is not enough. Anticipating their expectations, preferences, behaviors, actions and trigger points is what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. To make this a reality, real-time and predictive data loops create outstanding opportunities to drive growth.

Innovate and Build Things Together.


Your business is sure to face a strategic inflection point—that moment where previous momentum is showing signs of slowing down or the lack of momentum is causing brand disconnect or even churn. Solving for the complex is a core part of our DNA and raison d’etre. We’re here to help you navigate those critical moments in your business to help propel you to that next level.

Stack your Growth

Reduce Complexity

With the proliferation of intelligent platforms and tools, even leading organizations can get mired down into analysis paralysis. Bridging the back and front office operations requires intelligent systems. Interwoven data-centric and intelligence tech stacks can reduce complexity and pave the way to deliver superior employee and customer experiences.