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Customer Friction

Customer Friction

Refers to any negative experience the customer has along their customer journey. Simply put, Customer Friction is the main enemy of Customer Experience. Examples of Customer Friction could include, pain points that are not addressed and solved, ignoring the customers needs or not listening to them, or being too slow at getting back to consumers. Points of friction are too be avoided and eliminated all along the customer’s journey, and if they do come up they must be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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How We Work

We become part of your team

Specialized Teams

Small, specialized teams with
our client as center partner.

The right mix of modern talent can span several specialized layers. In order to learn and absorb your nuances quickly and to gain competitive momentum, we collaborate early and often so that we can seamlessly blend our talent, processes and technology with yours.

Iterative, agile approach to discovery, ideation and execution

Iterative, agile approach to
discovery, ideation and execution

We bring an agile CX-first methodology and skillset to help your team systematically and iteratively act on real-time quantitative and qualitative customer insights. What that means is that you’ll be able to more rapidly compete within those customer decision-making micro-moments.

What We Do

Our work spans many industries for a reason: we love what we do and without sounding trite and full of ourselves…we always deliver best-in-class solutions at a cost-basis which just isn’t fair to our competition.