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It’s easy to be caught up in analysis, tactics, and optimization efforts without ever ACTUALLY achieving a coordinated and actionable strategy.

Strategy can be much more complex and powerful than the sum of its parts — and it requires understanding the micro and macro view of a problem.

If you’re stuck in the details, let RocketSource be your 3rd party partner in seeing new perspectives and a more wholistic view of whatever problems you’re conquering

Every project we undertake is created, solved and/or optimized through the lens of the customer & employee experience.

Where to Start

Transforming Revenue Ops to Revenue Acceleration

At the end of the day, the metric every stockholder is looking for is revenue. Yet, according to recent data, 45% of surveyed brands reported that they do not have a current RevOps team, and most face an uphill battle to establish one.

The issue with many definitions of revenue acceleration is that they trivialize and oversimplify a complex business problem. Revenue acceleration is the DIRECT effect of a brand’s overall ability to generate LTV buyers and optimize the purchase journey. Developing a strong revenue ops strategy means streamlining inter-departmental processes and technology, but it also means never losing sight of the necessity of a customer-led purchase experience.

Optimizing Product-Led Growth

When you capture the full potential of product-led growth, your product can speed ahead of competitors without pouring massive funds into advertising. That kind of momentum only happens when the product itself is the experience, and it’s a sublime one. Mastering a product-led growth strategy requires that you fine-tune the product experience, dig deeper into the behavioral nuances around how people are using your products, and analyze both your customer AND employee sentiment.

Only then will you create a seamless product experience that people can’t help but share, driving your word-of-mouth coefficient, creating viral loops, and spurring organic growth.

Deploying a Product Market-Fit Strategy

The fact is, Product/Market Fit is not as straightforward as a one-off initiative with a yes or no answer. Product/Market fit mapping is a continual process of measuring how brand sentiment aligns with your offering.It’s not enough to validate PM fit just once at product inception — every iteration of your product requires you to continuously gauge Product/Market Fit and adapt accordingly.

But a good PM-fit strategy is not just about knowing when to go back and assess your alignment with the market, it’s also knowing how to collect the necessary sentiment data accurately, and being able to intelligently pivot to better meet the expectations of your chosen market.

Sequencing a YouTube
Growth Strategy

The universe of video production is large and ever-expanding — and it can be extremely overwhelming. When it comes to creating new production initiatives or optimizing existing channels, it can be hard to make measurable growth — but every moment you hesitate only puts you further behind your competitors in this viral environment.

If you’re ready to discover the growth potential of a strategic, sequenced approach to video marketing, don’t let the complexity of studio setup, marketing strategy, SEO optimization, or gear budgeting hold you back. Our team has worked through all these issues and more — we’ll help you make the leap to major channel growth.

Business Process Automation & Optimization

Nearly every process has areas that can be improved or optimized. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective of that processes and automations to find those potential improvements.

Employee Experience (EX) Alignment

Human driven with an understanding that providing a good experience starts with the employee. Taking a holistic view means looking at every stage and step – but doing so with a human-centered, empathetic understanding of human behavior.

Customer Experience (CX) Alignment

Have you taken a look at why your customers convert? What about why they renew?  A human-centered, empathetic understanding of buyer motivation, both before and after purchase, is key to creating experience alignment between brand and buyer.

Product & Services Strategy

Defining what you sell may seem straightforward, except that it’s almost never that simple. Product and services strategies require that teams understand the nuances in each offer and that proper product-market fit mapping is done. Go deeper to understand what your customers really want and make iterative improvements to stay competitive.

Competitive Moat Enhacement Strategy

No business exists in a vacuum. The information required to outpace your competitors is out there, waiting to be uncovered. We work closely with teams to discover and interpret the key factors to set yourself apart.

Innovation & Validation Sprints

Innovative ideas are only as powerful as our ability to measure and perpetuate their success (or failure). Let us help you implement agile strategies, in-depth and highly nuanced insights on what is working and what’s not. 


As an organization moves along the S Curve of Business, growth will periodically ebb and flow. In these ebbing stages, businesses are flung into a strategic inflection point where the organization must undergo transformation initiatives to regain or maintain forward momentum. It’s here that businesses fight the battle to stay relevant…”

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