Who is RocketSource?

RocketSource is a progressive digital services and advisory company with full lifecycle operations in strategy, innovation, design, data, engineering, and marketing. Grounded in end-to-end Customer Experience (CX), we solve complex challenges for some of the most disruptive and market-leading brands in the world.

The modern customer is either won or lost in micro-moment experiences throughout the decision-making journey. At RocketSource, our hybrid teams combine innovative strategic thinking/problem solving, modern UX/UI, rock-solid engineering/development architecture, and insights-centric data science to significantly improve or transform the micro-moment touchpoints into frictionless journey-based experiences.

We help traditional businesses
transform into digital leaders

We uproot traditional business
models to create scale

We use modern and agile
processes to help you gain traction quickly

We create integrated customer-
centric experiences across unique

Our Approach

The pursuit of top-line revenue growth cannot come at the expense of the customer experience. Ever. And it’s not a set of one-off initiatives. A systemized and strategic process is required to drive incremental growth with sustainable predictability.

Our approach first requires us to work within the confines and constraints of your business, solving for the discrete wants and needs of your consumer. As we progress, and as you see momentum from our working together, we bring a level of data-driven novel thinking to activate new opportunities to build employee and customer trust, customer convenience, and emotive and cognitive brand relevance in order to drive profitable growth.

There is nothing easy about driving incremental growth. It’s different for every business and yet we love the challenge of discovering the business levers to push and pull to drive predictable outcomes. From Strategic Discovery sessions to full Lifecycle Integrations & Implementations, you’ll be damn glad you went with RocketSource versus a much bigger more expensive, and much slower competitor.

Digital Maturity Model

Where does your company fall?

Digital Maturity Model - Where does your company fail?

What We Deliver

(Just a smattering…)

Our promise & commitment to growth is simple

At RocketSource, we can promise that we will find the right levers to push and pull to get the desired outcomes or we won’t take you on as a client. This isn’t just a fancy way to act like we are cool, we actually put our fees at risk through our innovative compensation model with every single client. So, with every vetted project and client, we bring to bear the right mix of strategy, people, processes, platforms, creative, data, technology and transformational growth. We’ve spent millions learning what drives growth through innovative thinking and most great innovators don’t come from any of the well-known consultancies or Madison avenue agencies—they come from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations.


For many companies, the leadership statement is just that: a statement with very little to support it. Our leadership has proven expertise in innovating on and transforming best-in-class Customer Experiences and we stand by every promise and every deployment.

Buckley Barlow

Strategy, CX, Growth

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Steven Kiger

Creative, UI/UX, Strategy

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Jonathan Greene

Technology, Engineering Analytics

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How We Work

We become part of your team

Specialized Teams

Small, specialized teams with
our client as center partner.

The right mix of modern talent can span several specialized layers. In order to learn and absorb your nuances quickly and to gain competitive momentum, we collaborate early and often so that we can seamlessly blend our talent, processes and technology with yours.

Iterative, agile approach to discovery, ideation and execution

Iterative, agile approach to
discovery, ideation and execution

We bring an agile CX-first methodology and skillset to help your team systematically and iteratively act on real-time quantitative and qualitative customer insights. What that means is that you’ll be able to more rapidly compete within those customer decision-making micro-moments.

Our Work

Our work spans many industries for a reason: we love what we do and without sounding trite and full of ourselves…we always deliver best-in-class solutions at a cost-basis which just isn’t fair to our competition.

Primary Children's Hospital Map locations
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Dynamic content, imagery and articles based on 170 hospital locations.

  • National campaign for 170 member hospitals
  • Localized and national donation campaigns
  • Dynamic content for local and national
  • One of kind 170 unique home pages and URLs for each location
  • Dymamic tracking codes to effectively track the campaign results of each location
  • Training programs for team transition
Primary Children's Hospital Map locations
NutraBolt C4 Original

Create a holistic and consistent brand worldwide for a truly omni- channel customer experience.

  • Helped them scale internal design team as they grew from $15MM in 2011 to $200MM+ in 2016
  • Branding guidelines (for all brands) for consistency and scale
  • Assets creation for print, web, trade shows, branding and retail
  • Rebranded Cellucor (their staple brand) in 2013 – Logo, design
    and guidelines
  • Helped launched 4 sub-brands (NEON, RoyalSport, Cavalier
    and FITJOY)
  • Successfully helped launched internationally across Europe,
    Russia, Japan and Australia
  • Maintained all brand consistency for all point of purchase retail
    designs (GNC, Costco, Walmart etc…)
  • Handed off the brand to internal designers for future growth
    and scale
NutraBolt C4 Original

Communicate a complicated message to enterprise-level industries with multiple personas across global landscape

  • 7 translated languages, and dynamic customer experiences
  • User personas and dynamic customer experiences
  • Dynamic information architecture
  • Dynamic content based upon user & location
  • CMS for global delivery, dynamic content, and multi-lingual
  • Data analysis to determine customer qualification metrics
  • Customized Adwords, social, and email campaigns
  • Sales teams notifications form tagged qualified customers
  • Proxy based translation service and workflow
  • Data reporting engines to qualify usability testing
  • Global training programs for team transition
Equinix Website

What We Do

Our work spans many industries for a reason: we love what we do and without sounding trite and full of ourselves…we always deliver best-in-class solutions at a cost-basis which just isn’t fair to our competition.