CX led Growth

Customer Experience (CX) led growth is a mechanism to spur growth through experience initiatives that align directly with the core business strategies and process methodologies. This method operationalizes the logical and emotional triggers that drive engagement, guiding how the modern consumer is engaged and how the organization’s growth ebbs and flows through strategic inflection points.

Satisfying the Modern Consumer

Modern consumers are more in control than ever before. In today’s digitally connected society, consumers expect around-the-clock access to brands. They demand that interactions be instant and effortless. If they’re not, the customer is more empowered to publicly dictate the brand’s narrative via social media and online platforms. This free expression of both positive and negative experiences can have a tremendous impact on the growth of an organization.

The rate at which organizations shift alongside the modern consumer’s tastes and preferences will determine their success on the S Curve of Growth. Having a CX led growth strategy in place makes it easier for brands to meet the challenges a company faces with modern consumers head on.

Managing CX Along the S-Curve of Business

As an organization moves along the S Curve of Business, growth periodically ebbs and flows. In the ebbing stages, organizations must undergo transformational initiatives to regain forward momentum.

Digital transformation has accelerated the need for organizational change via CX led growth strategies. Many organizations are sitting at an inflection point along the S Curve of Growth, requiring teams to decide how to predict and react to complex influences. Navigating these blips in the S Curve might seem simple enough on the surface, but they’re difficult to master without alignment with the modern consumer’s demands and expectations. It’s here that businesses fight to stay relevant, requiring a laser focus on the end user’s experience.

Applying CX Data to a Growth Framework

Deploying a CX led growth strategy requires a deep look at behavioral psychology and motivations to create innovative digital solutions and experiences. StoryVesting, the proprietary CX led growth framework used at RocketSource, brings together the needs and wants of the customer, incorporating the brand and employees needs too.

With both experiences accounted for — brand and customer — organizations can clarify how to bring the two groups into closer alignment, spurring inevitable growth towards a specific goal rather than an elusive one.

In using a CX led growth framework like StoryVesting, brands can improve how they reach, sell, and grow their customer by focusing on the ripple effects at every layer of the experience. Infusing data then allows irrefutable areas of opportunity, leading to maximum results.

Reaching for Brand Euphoria Through CX Led Growth

The further apart the brand’s experience is from the customer’s, the further into No Man’s Land organizations get. It’s here where businesses slip backwards, ultimately losing touch with the market and causing growth to suffer. The closer the two circles align, the more euphoric that customer experience becomes, building immersive experiences that inspire deep emotive and cognitive associations, as well as pivotal triggers at each stage of the journey.

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