Discovery & Assessment Strategy & Planning Design & Build Design & Build Design & Build

Companies today face a number of significant changes and
challenges that can easily stifle building sustainable brand value.
Our Strategy & Innovation solutions are a starting point
to mitigate those challenges.

Perspectives that actually pack a punch.

Customer-Centric strategy can quickly become a liability when a solid
data-driven Experience framework doesn’t exist. From strategic data architecture to
full journey analytics implementation, our agile solutions are built with sustainable
distance and real-time speed in mind.

Business intelligence just got a face-lift.

The modern user is either won or lost in micro-moments across a
unique emotional and logical customer journey. Every touchpoint,
every experience is a reflection of your brand’s value to that user.
To that end, our clients rely on us to deliver on that promise.

Shhh: Experiential touchpoint innovation in progress.

As recently as ten years ago, a consultancy would act as strategic driver and
the agency of record would act as the supporting tactician. Those days are gone.
Markets, customers and our clients demand a more fluid experience. Perhaps that’s
why the best brands call on us to oversee and implement their most complex initiatives.

Simplifying the complex just got a lot easier.

Up until recently, the ability to make more predictive,
data-driven decisions in real-time while also testing and optimizing
the ultimate user experience has eluded even the most
well-intentioned brand’s grasp. Not on our watch.

Intelligent testing to optimization is now table stakes.

Strategy & Innovation

  • Acquisition & Retention Analytics
  • Customer Journey Experience
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Data & Analytics Sequencing
  • Revenue Op to Revenue Acceleration
  • System & Architecture Design
  • Bowtie Funnel Enhancement
  • Business Process Automation & Optimization
  • Customer & Employee Experience
  • Product & Services Strategy
  • Competitive Moat Enhancement Strategy
  • Innovation & Validation Sprints

From Balcony to Basement

After a fast-paced decade of digital disruption, competition is increasingly based on the strength of your customer experiences at the most detailed level. From high-level strategy to in-the-trenches innovation sprints based on reliable data loops, our solutions are aimed at helping you quickly understand your gaps, weak points, and opportunities to regain or sustain your competitive digital footing.

Experience. Alignment. Relevancy.

Captains of industry look to RocketSource to help them create exceptional and memorable experiences that align the brand and consumer value proposition. In short, we help each and every client build deeper and wider competitive moats.

Data & Analytics

  • Journey Analytics
  • Employee/User/Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Data Profile Integration & Testing
  • CX-Driven Data Engineering
  • Technology & Data Stack
  • Data Profile & Pipeline Management
  • GA4 Setup & Optimization
  • Proof of Concept & Implementation
  • Growth Friction Analysis & Remediation
  • Enterprise-Level UX Scoring & Validation
  • User Testing & Split Traffic Testing
  • Control Group Testing & Optimization
  • Journey Sentiment Mining

Do you Need Internal Buy-In?
We Can Help.

Change is constant and is accelerating at breakneck pace. With easier access to technology, sinking costs to get to market and immediate access to built-in audiences, companies are either being disrupted or are disrupting. We make sure the balance is in your favor—not your competitors.

Experience. Alignment. Relevancy.

Reach out and let’s discuss

UX/UI & Creative

  • UX/UI Design & Development
  • EX to UX to CX Data Visualization
  • Concept Development
  • Product Development
  • Content & Channel Development
  • Customer Data Design & Development
  • Brand Experience Audit
  • Real-Time Web & Mobile UX/UI Design Loops
  • SEO-Driven Human Centered Design
  • Real-Time Prototyping & Collaboration
  • Multi-Device & Channel Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Real-Time Marketing & Journey-Based Development
  • Cohort Analytics Ready Design & Development

Do You Have a UX/UI Project?
Let Us Help.

Never mind the awards, nor the accolades. If your applications, web pages or digital products aren’t driving your numbers from bottom left to top right, no accolade in the world is going to assuage your disappointment. Our approach to creative design and digital architecture is built upon a growth framework.

Communicate a complicated message to enterprise-level industries with multiple personas across global landscape

  • 7 translated languages, and dynamic customer experiences
  • User personas and dynamic customer experiences
  • Dynamic information architecture
  • Dynamic content based upon user & location
  • CMS for global delivery, dynamic content, and multi-lingual
  • Data analysis to determine customer qualification metrics
  • Customized Adwords, social, and email campaigns
  • Sales teams notifications form tagged qualified customers
  • Proxy based translation service and workflow
  • Data reporting engines to qualify usability testing
  • Global training programs for team transition

Developed an industry first IoT solution for the oil and gas industry. InfraGauge worked with RocketSource to solve a major employee safety problem in the oil and gas industry.

  • Sought to fully understand the employee usage and experience
  • Ensured all stakeholders were vested in the founders’ vision of how technology could improve the safety of each employee.
  • Created and innovated a UI/UX workflow for gauging and measuring an oil tank
  • Performed deep analysis of infrared technology and mathematical models
  • Integrated with FLIR proprietary infrared camera SDK
  • Developed custom algorithms for measuring height and width of the tank based upon distance and position of the camera
  • Solved for complications and future uncertainty of not knowing the location of the bottom of the tank
  • Collaborated with InfraGauge engineers to determine best calculation to gauge the tank based upon infrared camera view, camera position, and level of oil within the tank
  • Developed native iOS version of the InfraGauge app
  • Field tested the iOS app

Member experience and modernization initiative for the leading retail membership company. Enhanced member experience and understanding of Costco Services and each service provider, through a creative cognitive association strategy delivered through a story-arch long-form landing page strategy, driven by data research, video, creative content, and lead generation utilities.


  • Developed cognitive association strategy
  • Branded new colors and categories for Costco Home, Business, and Life
  • Crafted a unique long form story-arch concept to improve the member experience


  • Designed new UI/UX
  • Led the project management for operationalizing the initiative over agile
  • Coded new long-form landing pages within Costco’s enterprise proprietary web delivery framework


  • Created data sharing bridges between Costco and all Service providers
  • Developed visual dashboards to readily identify optimization opportunities
  • Produced proprietary user-engagement score across the entire customer journey/marketing funnel

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Technology & Web

  • Website Development
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Test Automation
  • Tech & Data Stack
  • Cloud Architecture & Deployment
  • Embedded Systems & IoT
  • Dev-Ops
  • Data Storage & Governance
  • Sustainability & Accessibility
  • Enterprise Business Ops & Governance
Technology and Web

Need Project Management? We Can Take You From Start To Finish

Implementation is not only tough, it’s where the rubber meets the proverbial road. From implementing innovative process solutions to carefully steering botched code implementations into marketable success, we cater to your unique needs. We always keep in mind your brand culture, process methodologies, tech stack and talent abilities as we nurture the deployment every step of the way.

s curve business growth

Data Looping & Analytics Development

Data looping is a critical function that impacts your entire operation. From the content creation and design required to gather clean data, to the aggregating mining and modeling of incoming datasets and dissemination of fresh insights across the organization, you can’t afford to have a breakdown along the way. We help you set up your data loop and refine your analytics development, empowering you to leverage real-time intelligence and take a strategic posture toward growth.

Data & Project Visualization

We specialize in digital interfaces and knowing what kind of UI/UX and content is needed at each layer of a complex journey. From digital only to brick-to-click, talk to one of our specialists to kickstart your 3rd party data-driven testing and optimization efforts.

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Testing & Optimization

  • EX, UX & CX Looping & Optimization
  • Employee/User/Customer Journey Refinement
  • Competitive Journey Convergence/Divergence Identification
  • Bowtie Funnel Enhancements & Validation
  • Event & Behavioral Tracking Optimization
  • Dashboard Visualization & Integration Testing
  • Real-Time User Testing & Optimization
  • Agile Project/Process Management
  • Pilot & GTM Optimization
  • Split Traffic & Control Testing
  • Cohort Analytics Optimization
  • Behavioral Analytics Optimization
  • GA4 Instrumentation & Optimization

From CX Journey Optimization to
Channel Development.

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is how to effectively deploy and manage your efforts across the ever growing number of channels. From vetting your 3rd party agency partnerships to helping you craft the perfect experiences across your channels, we ensure that you’re getting the very best value for your dollar.

User & Customer Experience Testing

From in app to mobile to desktop, we specialize in digital interfaces. We love deciphering what kind of UI/UX and content experience is needed at each layer of a complex customer journey. From digital only to brick-to-click, talk to one of our specialists to kickstart your 3rd party data-driven testing and optimization efforts.

Funnel & Journey Innovation

We specialize in digital interfaces and knowing what kind of UI/UX and content is needed at each layer of a complex journey. From digital only to brick-to-click, talk to one of our specialists to kickstart your 3rd party data-driven testing and optimization efforts.

Experience. Alignment. Relevancy.