CX to EX Data Mapping

CX to EX data mapping examines how the employee experience relates and aligns with the customer experience so that organizations can develop a more compelling and stickier brand experience.

Customer experience (CX) initiatives are ubiquitous among today’s top organizations. This shift from traditional consumer demands to modern consumer needs requires direct touchpoints with employees across all levels of the organization. To bridge the gaps between what a customer experiences and what employees experience, organizations can use CX to EX data mapping to uncover specific areas where there are gaps that could stall growth or erode transformation initiatives.

By aligning the desires and motivations of customers and employees, organizations can facilitate better end-to-end experiences that satisfy the market’s demands.

A Holistic Approach to Customer Experience

It’s not just the blend of layers across the employee experience and customer experience. It’s how much overlap there is between both experiences that make a company impenetrable. Leveraging a data-driven decision-making growth framework like StoryVesting allows brands to examine how closely aligned the employee experiences and customer experiences are to each other.

Bringing the sum of each experience together and then witnessing how each layer maneuvers together can help determine a predictable path to purchase. Interpreting EX and CX data together allows companies to make fundamental shifts to align their why with their customer’s needs, boosting retention and sales.

Creating Intelligent Experiences Based on a 360-Degree View

Focusing on CX data alone clouds an organization’s ability to see the end-to-end experience. Taking a holistic view of EX and CX data enables organizations to create immersive brand experiences that foster longer-lasting relationships.

The 360-degree view of the employee and customer’s experience allows organizations to unpack the many layers of each unique brand interaction. Mapping these two experiences side-by-side and applying data loops allows companies to identify potential friction points and present a strategic vision for how to remedy them.

Reaching Brand Euphoria

Organizations reach brand euphoria, where consumers intrinsically intertwine the brand’s offers into their everyday world when employees and customers are working in harmony. That harmonious relationship is the most powerful way to tug on deep-rooted emotional heartstrings throughout the customer journey while simultaneously answering logical concerns. The result? A closely aligned journey that drives conversion and retention.

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As you strategize what intelligent operations could look like for your business, there are key frameworks to help define your processes and move away from operating from a data swamp.

Organization Buy-In

Employees need to be bought into the why of the organization to deliver a sublime customer experience. By conducting CX to EX data mapping, initiatives become stronger and new ideas are implemented more successfully.

A Vested Workforce

Vested employees in the company’s “why” are proven to be more passionate and more productive. When customers talk to, engage with, and are touched by these employees in some way, the end-to-end experience improves and retention.

Cross-Departmental Alignment

Perhaps nothing prevents organizations from delivering harmonious customer experiences than sky-high silo walls inside an organization. Dropping those silo walls allows consumers to feel less dissonance from within the organization, improving the overall experience with the brand.

Employee Retention

Organizations with high turnover and employee churn burn profits faster than those with better retention. Through CX to EX mapping, organizations can better understand where there are gaps and remedy those pain points to keep their best employees for longer.

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