X Analytics

X Analytics are the measurement of experience data collected from employees and customers that help bridge experience gaps across the customer journey. Collecting these analytics aims to deliver products and services that will accelerate revenue and maintain relevancy along the S-Curve of Growth.

What worked a decade ago is no longer working today, and to help brands stay relevant, an increasing number of organizations are now focused on brand experiences. For brands to stay top-of-mind, they must seek to implement analytics to gain more insight into what’s happening along their employee and customer journeys.

X Analytics looks beyond operational performance metrics like sales and marketing numbers to help uncover the “Why” behind what you see in historical data. These analytics can be used as a golden ticket to finding new areas of opportunity across the funnel by uncovering the why, what and how of every single user. By understanding the catalysts for what makes buyers take action, organizations can improve overall experiences, build revenues, reduce costs, and increase retention.

Navigating Inflection Points

As business ebbs and flows, it’s normal to encounter inflection points or moments of opportunity. It’s at these points that organizations must strategically navigate and adapt. X Analytics allow brands to pinpoint where and how to maintain relevance in their market.

Modern consumers know their way around complex paths to purchase across a mix of digital and physical touchpoints. Staying relevant requires organizations to seamlessly bridge that gap and connect pixelated and in-person experiences. X Analytics are the key to unlocking those motivational insights and engaging users with the brand to deliver products and experiences that will keep them coming back time and again. This is how teams can leverage data to generate sustainable growth.

A Holistic View of X Analytics

Pushing an organization up the S Curve of Growth requires the team to understand where they fall within the StoryVesting framework and how aligned the business’s why is with the customer’s emotional and logical needs.

X Analytics work as the foundation for growth decisions. Too often, leaders focus only on customer analytics. By addressing the overarching operations of the business and taking employee and customer feedback alike into consideration, teams can see how well-aligned they are with the market. It’s here that organizations can uncover experiential gaps and highlight ways to address them while still aligning with the business’s core why.

Deciding Where to Start With Your Brand Experience Initiatives

After gathering X Analytics, it’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis. With so many ideas, teams often struggle to know where to start and, therefore, don’t get started strategically.

X Analytics helps teams identify gaps to stack the dominoes in their favor by filling them. Rather than relying on guesswork, brands can leverage a brand experience impact analysis to prioritize various projects. This prioritization exercise compares features or variables and calculates their variable importance based on difficulty, risk and other factors. In quickly visualizing the areas with the highest cost, the greatest risk, and other variables, it’s easier to pinpoint the lowest-hanging fruit.

Building Experiences that Move You Closer to Brand Euphoria

Building a buzz-worthy brand experience requires the alignment of EX and CX. Getting that alignment is about as easy as solving a complex puzzle. Each piece must line up perfectly and work harmoniously to bridge the gap between brand and customer experiences. X Analytics allows companies to move closer in alignment by pinpointing what those pieces are and piecing them together across every stage of the funnel.

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