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Our work spans many industries for a reason: we love what we do and without sounding trite and full of ourselves…we always deliver best-in-class solutions at a cost-basis which just isn’t fair to our competition.


#1 Fortune 100 Publicly Traded Wholesale Club in the World

Built a robust data and analytics infrastructure that allowed for cross-domain tracking, omni-channel acquisition reporting, and multi-platform analytics tracking. The goal of this build was to create a shared data warehouse that visualized a cohesive, actionable reporting strategy based on user journeys across multiple domains.

  • Wrote custom JavaScript code for updating URL parameters based on client instruction
  • Established custom UTM and URL parameters for pass-through tracking
  • Deployed custom data layer via Google Tag Manager to capture event driven customer journey data
  • Configured custom event tracking to tie back to product engagement
  • Configured custom events and goals to track conversion at each step of the funnel
  • Integrated cross-domain tracking
  • Tracked custom datalayer push events including membership validation, account creation, successful submissions, and account upgrades
  • Performed gap analysis to identify potential organizational opportunities
Costco Website and App
Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for 2020
Fortune - The World's Most Admired Companies 2022
2022 Best Company Global Culture

Multi-Department Enterprise System CX Strategy and Implementation

Developed multiple global multi-lingual web experiences to support the buyer experience through specific vertical channels while implementing a multi-touch attribution data tracking model to rank and score marketing efforts tied to lead generation and full funnel optimization.

  • Developed global data visualization dashboard reports
  • Developed global surveys to learn about specific cohort behavior and desired experiences
  • Implemented a data collection methodology for tracking the customer journey across multiple global site properties
  • Developed corporate sustainability program website
  • Developed brand center website
  • Developed global marketing blog website
  • Developed global multi-lingual code of conduct website
  • Developed internal website for global communications templates and resources
  • Developed internal website for global design construction methodology
  • Developed internal paris matrix utility
  • Developed internal product information onboarding website
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Fairy God Boss - Best Company 2021
Ecovadis Silver Award 2021
2020 Green Power Leadership Award
DPP - Committed to Sustainability
Corporate ESG Performance - Prime
CDP - Supplier Engagement Leader 2021
Institutional Investor

BND Best Pick for Payroll Service Provided for SMB

Implemented automated tracking solutions to reduce human error and manual resource inputs to create a robust data visualization reports for return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • Performed 3Ps gap analysis within marketing department(s)
  • Performed comprehensive analytics & reporting audit for GA, GTM, data layer, data sources, and ad spend accounts
  • Configured 3rd Party API solution to integrate ad spend accounts such as Google Adwords and paid social to pipe data into Google Analytics
  • Develop new Google Data Studio dashboard to replace manual scorecard with new automated version
  • Configured email data tracking and connection between Marketo/Salesforce (leads, conversion metrics, etc.)
  • Implemented UX/UI data loop for key SEO landing pages

Leading Speciality Insurance Company

Developed a best-in-class digital marketing solution for complex speciality insurance classes. This involved creating educational assets and personalized user experiences to speak to customer emotive and cognitive associations while unpacking the complex purchase cycle into an easy to understand solution offerings.

  • Developed new website experiences based on behavioral intent and behavioral economics
  • Integrated contact forms with CRM and marketing automation solutions
  • Deployed split testing and user testing optimization on key product offering pages to ensure educational content aligned with customer pain points
  • Deployed custom data layer via Google Tag Manager to capture event driven customer journey data
  • Configured custom event tracking to tie back to product engagement
  • Configured custom events and goals to track conversion at each step of the funnel
  • Deployed data visualization reports for key stakeholders
Xinsurance Website and App
BND Best Pick

Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company

Implemented a data tracking method geared towards measuring ROI on video production for YouTube content. The initial business challenge was to develop an attribution and tracking model for YouTube organic videos tied to new acquisitions. This included: YouTube search ranking metric, the number of videos watched, video watch time, video associated to playlist category, video category, engagement in comments, link tracking to landing page, landing page engagement metrics, and conversion.

  • Implemented data feedback loop to the video production team and provide guidance on the types of videos to produce and associated content
  • Implemented data feedback to the SEO/SEM team to determine best ranking keywords, and business offers/promotions to drive new organic conversions
  • Completed an SEO, video ranking, and engagement analysis of existing video channels and content
  • Developed recommendations based on increasing organic search display visibility
  • Implementation of recommendations resulted in 150+ new acquisitions per month
  • Grew channel engagement from 80K subscribers to 450K
  • Decreased YouTube PPC spend because organic ranking in search display was performing so well
USCCA Youtube Analytics

Best of State Award Pest Control Company

Developed custom web app + mobile app ERP software tailored for the pest control industry and optimized for remote office support workers and onsite technician service providers.

  • Performed 3Ps gap analysis & recommendations for new software build
  • Proof of Concept & Implementation
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Tech & Data Stack Architecture
  • Dev-Ops
  • Data Storage & Governance
  • UX/UI Design & Development
  • EX to UX to CX Data Visualization
  • Revenue Op to Revenue Acceleration

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