Testing & Optimization

Test. Adapt. Test Again

Offering excellence isn’t a one-off initiative. Identifying disconnects and gaps in the purchase journey is a constant and intensive process, not to mention time-consuming. Beyond testing, there’s the even more involved work of identifying opportunities for improvement.

Is every step in your purchase experience as seamless as it could be?
Let our specialists kickstart your data-driven testing and optimization efforts.

There’s so much more to impressive customer experiences than meets the eye. We show you underneath the hood as we build you a well-oiled experience machine.

Where to Start

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Data as a Service is the strategy, science and structuring that goes into democratizing datasets so that they’re understandable and actionable. The result of this work is the transformation of big data sets into profit-building, intelligent initiatives. By drawing out actionable insights, organizations are empowered to tap into data sets and use that information to monetize those insights.

Dashboard Visualization
& Integration Testing

When building an intelligent set of interwoven technologies, every piece of software must roll up into a larger experience strategy that is shared across the entire business ecosystem. This kind of alignment cannot be executed without detailed visualization of platforms in use throughout the organization, and extensive testing to ensure that the tools used are always delivering the desired results.

Pricing Sensitivity Analysis

Within the never-ending data loop of PM Fit analysis lies many nuanced metrics — including price sensitivity analysis. Price can be a sensitive topic to ask users about, and getting the needed insights to properly price your product takes a strategic and empathetic survey approach. RocketSource has mastered this approach, as well as following through with adjustments to business model.

Managed Services
& Agile Support

Agile-managed services bring together fresh ideas with the resources needed to accomplish them — allowing teams to quickly resolve incidents & efficiently push forward on new initiatives. In working more collaboratively, teams can adopt iterative changes, and get almost real-time feedback to quickly pivot when plans change.

Real-Time User Testing & Optimization

There is something so powerful about witnessing what your users do with your products in real-time. Our approach to real-time user testing will give you the data needed to continually optimize and refine your products, allowing you to build retention.

Agile Project/Process Management

Projects move quickly in today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem. We have the project and process management chops to help your team run on agile and keep up with the modern demands.

Pilot & GTM (Go-to-Market) Optimization

After spending years in development, your pilot and go-to-market strategy is crucial. With our strategic guidance, you can optimize your approach and accelerate your revenues faster.

Split Traffic & Control Testing

No customer journey is a singular linear movement. We work closely with your team on split testing while maintaining a control environment for more sound business decision-making.

Acquisition & Retention Initiatives

A strategic approach is not something that should be applied selectively or half-heartedly across the customer journey. Taking a full strategic approach means looking at the whole picture — along the bowtie funnel.

Advanced Data Training & Development

Human behavior is fascinating. It’s also hard to predict without effective knowledge of behavioral analytics and customer insights. We can help you get that knowledge.


How will you know that you’ve nailed your concept? You’ll know when you reach the coveted Product-Market Fit. While it might seem like a straightforward metric on the surface, there’s a lot that fully goes into understanding whether your products and services will win with customers – or flop…”

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