We Innovate for our
Internal Needs

We are passionate about innovating, in particular on technology. We tirelessly research it, we quickly prototype and build it, we methodically test it, we passionately share it, we talk and write about it, and constantly aim to improve it — for ourselves, for our partners and for the end user. From an internal innovation perspective, we create digital solutions aimed at solving major pain points and we team up with private equity to bring those digital solutions to market.

Why Do We Have Labs?

After thousands of builds and deployments, we recognize the need and desire to hasten innovation and disruption. Timing is critical, in particular for companies undergoing digital transformation. From a client solutions perspective, Labs accelerates getting strategy off the “deck” and into rapid prototyping. Think of Labs as compressing our end-to-end Solutions offering into a condensed and yet accelerated timeframe where we assemble our team over a hyper-aligned agile solution.

Innovation & Experience Technology
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A Road Map to the

At the end of Labs, you’ll have a clear vision for the solution to your challenge, a prototype that makes it tangible, and a launch plan to bring it to market. Everything we create in Labs is designed to accelerate your digital transformation and disruptive innovation by turning strategy and opportunity into actionable design.

You’ve Come to Right Place to Co-Innovate

Identify Your Blind Spots

We look at your current offering(s) as a staged benchmark against where market is heading

Gain Buy-In & Momentum

From wireframes to walk-throughs, we build the foundation you need to accelerate your market positioning.

Build & Deploy

We help you move from prototyping to launching something your market needs/wants.

“The differentiating intangible that you get
with RocketSource is that ideal blend of
strategic creativity and operational

David Rees

David Rees
Managing Partner

Real World Solutions
Deployed Fast

Labs’ solutions should translate into real-world application and success—fast. We not only design and build across each concentric layer of the StoryVesting framework, we use rapid processes to accelerate each effort.


Stay Ahead of the Trending Curve

Forward-thinking research, testing and
innovation developments shared to a select
group of companies and teams.

Collaboration is Key to
Accelerated Innovation

We work hand-in-hand with forward-thinking and like-minded
partners to innovate on current and next-gen technologies.

Understand Context

Step 1

In the battleground of business, we seek to empathetically understand the pieces of your unique business and customer puzzle. Deeply understanding your unique goals, reasoning and positioning helps our team ultimately build accelerated innovation into your processes, products, services, platforms, apps, APIs and experiences.

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Research vs. Validation

Step 2

Competitive and Customer Research and Validation for any new innovation initiative can take months if not years. Not with us. We move through this phase quickly and methodically, ensuring that forward-thinking opportunity is not lost. Instead of expending a large budget on theoretical testing, we allocate more time in the live environment.

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Idea & Prioritize

Step 3

The typical process of brainstorming has a bad rap and for good reason: It usually is counterintuitive to focused progress as it consumes an enormous amount of valuable time and resources. Instead, our team tackles innovation thorough a coordinated ideation and relentless prioritization process rooted in our StoryVesting framework.

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Refine for Focus & Delivery

Step 4

Possibly the toughest part of an innovation process, we select the best concepts for initial delivery and begin work on developing the feedback mechanisms so that real-time, intelligent data looping is not just a buzzword but is ready for prime-time.

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Create Prototype & Circulate

Step 5

Whether we’re innovating on an end-to-end experience or a forward-thinking patent-pending product, very few steps can render as much excitement and buy-in than when we showcase the vision via our prototyping and circulation process. Beyond our creative prowess, we train your team on how to systematically gain buy-in and how to present the innovation use-case.

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Iterate & Recirculate

Step 6

Moving business at light speed requires that a solid iteration, optimization and data feedback looping process be developed, systemized and launched prior to release. We are with you at every step, at every juncture.

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Prep & Launch

Step 7

It’s launch time and we’re helping you dot every i and cross every t. This critical step of methodically working hand in hand with your strategy, creative, product and marketing teams is a key moment where our value is showcased to decrease investment risk while increasing the likelihood of adoption. This is where original ideas finally turn into something actionable.

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