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Experience design is the foundation of our ability to reach one another and build connections. Any amount of perfect strategy and content will always fall short when not held together with excellent, intuitive design and the human touch. The modern user is either won or lost in micro-moments across a unique emotional and logical customer journey.

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Where to Start

Human-Centered Design

With all the talk of “users” and “consumers” — it’s all too easy to forget that the people engaging with a brand are just that — people. Humans with rich, messy lives outside of one specific purchase journey. ‘User-centric’ design reminds us to prioritize the customers that we are hoping to make an impression on, but it stops short of realizing the full complexity involved in that process.

To truly engage a viewer emotionally, you must look beyond a single point of interaction and consider all the moments before, during, and after they engage with your design. This level of detail and empathy is what’s required to create a human-centered design.

Define & Execute
UX/UI Design Loops

Data is a crucial tool across every industry — but like any tool, it can only be effective when used properly. RocketSource has made a legacy of asking the right questions, collecting the right data, and eliminating silos to disseminate relevant insights across all teams. Let us help you implement agile strategies, in-depth and highly nuanced insights on what is working and what’s not.

Creating & Managing
Design Systems

A design system acts as a single source of truth, a communication tool, an onboarding guide, and a set of brand standards — leading to countless benefits at every level of your business. When your design process has been optimized to remove silos and reduce busywork, employees are happier, design time and overhead costs are reduced, and hand-offs between teams become smoother. Best of all — the quality of user experience improves exponentially. Don’t wait to benefit from the optimization possible with a design system

Data-Driven Cohort
Strategy Design

Not all your buyers will fall into the same cohort — which means their preferences, instincts, and purchase journey can vary widely. With proper data analysis guiding segmentation, our team can help your designers craft a highly specific and effective design for all your various buyers. 

EX to UX to CX Data Visualization

Data is a crucial tool across every industry — but like any tool, it can only be effective when used properly & in the right hands. RocketSource has made a legacy of asking the right questions (north star metrics), collecting the right data, and eliminating data silos to save time and maximize efficiency.


From creating a prototype to finding product-market fit, having a team to help you determine if you have proof of concept and whether, once implemented, that concept has legs, will save you massive amounts of time, money, and team resources.

Digital Experience UX/UI

Monitoring how your users navigate your brand’s digital ecosystem requires consistent and real-time data looping. With our real-time web and mobile UX/UI design loops, you stay in-the-know on what’s happening along every touchpoint.

Digital Product Development

Modern consumers expect a lot out of the tools they interface with every day. We help you better understand those expectations and develop a UX/UI strategic design to align with market demands.

Brand Experience Audit

The way your customers experience your brand influences how they speak about your business when you’re not in the room. An audit can help you spot possible negative areas, so you can repair them and continue to refine your experience layers.

Real-Time Prototyping & Collaboration

Teams work in conjunction with our expert UX/UI designers to develop the prototype experiences and interface design.

Multi-Device & Channel Brand Identity & Guidelines

User experiences span channels and devices. We work intentionally to create multi-device brand identities and guidelines to keep the UX/UI consistent.


There’s a huge gap between disparate data points and the human experience. In order to earn and keep the attention of today’s consumer, brands have to show they can connect with them in meaningful ways…”

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