Content Mapping

Compilation of Customer Data

Marketers and growth teams leverage content mapping to deliver strategic content marketing and planning methodologies to distribute the right content at each stage of the buyer’s journey. By aligning the right type of content, such as blogs, how-to videos, or audio soundbites, to the right tone and the right buyer at just the right stage of the customer’s journey, organizations can show up more prolifically and deliver a more personalized experience.

Competitive Growth Via Content Mapping

One of the hardest parts of content marketing for organizations is understanding how to effectively deploy and manage efforts across a growing number of channels. From battling algorithms to get found to aligning experiences across third party partnerships and platforms, content mapping lets you better understand where and how to show up most efficiently and effectively.

Digital disruption has increased the level of competition in the world of content marketing, requiring organizations to get in the trenches of innovation. Reliable data loops, gap analysis, and detailed customer journey mapping equips organizations to regain or sustain a competitive digital advantage.

By understanding the content needed at every layer of the customer’s complex journey, effective content mapping allows you to optimize your efforts more intelligently.

Content Mapping Across the Customer Journey

People are not linear beings. That means that we do not move in a linear fashion from one piece of content to the next.

A robust content mapping solution takes into account the many twists and turns that a buyer takes when researching companies, understanding options, making a purchase decision, and maintaining loyalty post-purchase. It allows brands to overcome buyers remorse while bolstering LTV. It equips brands to rise above the noise in the digital world. Effective content mapping aligns with the modern marketing funnel, giving customers the information they need at every stage.

Content Mapping Across the Customer Journey

Content mapping requires organizations to take a more empathetic stance. By leveraging a customer insights map, organizations can align that empathy with what’s needed at each touchpoint. In addition, they can track the customer’s experience alongside the employee’s experience to know how to better use content marketing to simplify and speed the path-to-purchase.

The Organizational Impact of Content Mapping

The impact of content mapping goes well beyond the scope of simply serving up content to the customer. There’s a ripple effect that transcends throughout the entire organization.

Bolster Team Buy-In

As your team starts to understand the ripple effect of having a strong content engine in place, they will be better able to see the impact of their work. Leaders across the organization and in all departments will be able to visualize how their work contributes to the end customer experience and how the content aligns with their efforts to create something sticky and sublime.

Architect Event-Driven Funnels

Understanding how the customer moves through the bow tie funnel and interacts with your organization is one thing. Personalizing that experience to align at every touchpoint and exceed expectations at every chance is another. By mapping your content, you can architect better event-driven funnels to show up in the right place at the right time with just the right type of content to meet your buyer’s needs.

Analyze the Impact of Your Content

As your content map expands to all corners of your organization, your efforts will empower team members to do their job more effectively while simultaneously decreasing the amount of tedious, tired work. Teams, from customer support to development, will be able to feel those effects in their role, increasing employee loyalty and deepening how vested they are in their organization.

Path-to-Purchase Agile Development

To keep your development team moving quickly requires that you’re developing the right feature sets to improve the customer experience at every stage of the journey. Having a content map to showcase the information the customer needs will help align the development cycle across the path-to-purchase. This kind of cross-departmental alignment will lead to better experiences internally and externally.

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