Skill Up Your Team in Intelligent Customer Insights to

Inspire Forward Thinkers

Perfect Your People, Processes, & Platforms

Break Down Silo Walls

Master the Data Looping Process

Tactically Innovate on Profound Insights

Operate With Efficiency & Empathy

Intelligent operations, innovations, and customer experience initiatives all rely on one thing – clean, structured, and actionable insights drawn from an intelligent, data-centric approach.

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If you’re still operating out of a silo-ridden company using traditional analytics and an overload of disorganized data to try to understand your consumers, you might be wondering:

  • How do you use the firehose of data to draw insights that’ll surge your business forward?
  • How do you operationalize new CX initiatives across all departments in your organization?
  • How do you map out the next steps your business must take to innovate and grow in a highly competitive market?
  • How do you track all of your launched initiatives to see where things need to change?

We created this In-Person MasterClass Workshop on Modern Business Transformation to empower your organization to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. In this intelligent MasterClass Workshop, we’ll bring some of the most brilliant growth-centric minds and an immersive experience to your location of choice, or play host and invite you to the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City. In two days, you’ll bring teams together, bring data into the fold, and learn how to operate with clarity and agility while minimizing risk and maximizing ROI.

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A Transformative MasterClass Workshop With Serious ROI Potential

Brought to you by the same team that’s delivered huge ROI and countless consulting hours to top-tier companies, we’re proud to introduce our first ever In-Person MasterClass Workshop on Modern Business Transformation.

This MasterClass Workshop is designed to empower forward-thinkers through:

  • Profound insights into the modern market
  • Collaborative exercises designed to drop departmental walls and go way past traditional brainstorming sessions
  • Intelligent systems and approaches for designing and operationalizing innovative experience and business transformation initiatives
  • Gain exclusive access to tools designed and used by RocketSource to build out solutions that have been proven to cut costs by millions of dollars

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be catapulted to the next level of your business. In that upward trajectory, you’ll have the chance to see some serious ROI potential.

Higher Customer Acquisition Lift

Reduction of Overall Costs in Call Center Volume or Live Chat Support

More Powerful, Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Monitor Smarter, More Relevant Metrics and KPIs

Our leadership team walked away from this workshop with a vast amount of new ideas and action steps. The depth behind Buckley’s StoryVesting framework was impressive. We’re confident that we’ll run a more intelligent operation thanks to the insights about how to wrangle and monetize our data, as well as the innovative approaches to mapping and measuring the customer experience. We now have a clear direction that we can take to build a successful CX program

David Rees
David Rees

Managing Partner

Taught in the Comfort of
Your Conference Room

Get ready to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your colleagues, cover your walls with ideas, and actively map out the next innovation that’ll put you on an upward trajectory of growth. In this one-of-a-kind MasterClass Workshop, we’ll show you and your team how to take an insights-centric approach and use data to design and deliver exceptional and transformational experiences.

  • 2-Days of Hands-On Instruction From the Consultants at RocketSource
  • Step-by-Step Walkthroughs and Exercises Geared to Solve Your Organization’s Specific Pain Points
  • Insights-Centric Approaches That You Can Do Over and Over Again Throughout Your Company
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Our leadership team walked away from this workshop with a vast amount of new ideas and action steps. The depth behind Buckley’s StoryVesting framework was impressive. We’re confident that we’ll run a more intelligent operation thanks to the insights about how to wrangle and monetize our data, as well as the innovative approaches to mapping and measuring the customer experience. We now have a clear direction that we can take to build a successful CX program

David Rees
David Rees

Managing Partner

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Day 1: Kickstarting Your Business Transformation

The Start to CX Mastery

  • Meet the Modern Consumer

    Understanding the modern consumer has never been more critical. We’ll explore current buyer behaviors and psychological triggers that are dramatically changing the business landscape as we know it.

    • Who is the New Modern Consumer?
    • What is the New Path-to-Purchase?
    • Connecting Brick-to-Click and Click-to-Brick
  • Why Experience Initiatives Are a Must for Business Transformation

    Discover the details of experience design and why Customer Experience (CX) is different than UX. Uncover the nuances and importance of taking these experience initiatives company-wide, and gain organizational buy-in.

    • What is Experience Design?
    • How CX is Different Than UX
    • Why CX Requires EX Balance
  • Introduction to the StoryVesting™ Framework

    Learn about the deep psychological associations and behavioral economics, as well as RocketSource’s internal research that helped develop the StoryVesting™ Framework. You’ll get unprecedented insight into this proprietary experience and business transformation framework and learn how to put it to use in your organization.

    • The Story Behind the StoryVesting™ Framework
    • Psychology’s Role in the Buyer’s Journey
    • How Cognitive Association Impacts Brand Alignment
  • StoryVesting™: The Concentric Layers of Brand Experience (BX)

    Discover how your organization’s mission and vision can drive sublime employee experiences. We’ll drill down into each concentric layer of the BX side of the StoryVesting™ framework while discussing the importance of aligning the brand, employee, and customer why, and how to achieve that alignment.

    • How the Brand’s Why Drives Sublime Experiences
    • Drilling Down Into Each Concentric Layer and Why It Matters
    • Aligning the Brand, Employee and Customer’s Why
  • StoryVesting™: The Concentric Layers of Customer Experience (CX)

    Get deeply familiar with the emotional and logical steps your buyers take along their path-to-purchase. Learn how the brain has a physiological and psychological impact on how people make buying decisions, and how you can shape your CX initiatives to match those deeply rooted human needs.

    • Foundational Science in Consumer Purchase Behavior
    • The Predictable Pathways Consumers Take for Every Major Purchase
    • The Role Modern Consumer Search Behavior Plays in Business Transformation
  • Building Your Intelligent Foundation

    Learn the importance of building hybrid teams across DevOps, Growth Marketing, Content, and more. Discover the role your tech stacks play in Employee and Customer Experience. Analyze the various types of processes your business can use to operationalize your experience initiatives while powering ahead toward your goals.

    • The 3Ps of Business Transformation
    • The Evolution of the Hybrid Teams in the Modern Workforce
    • What Process & Technology Infrastructure You Need to Build Continuous Transformation
    • How to Sustain a Silo-Busting Culture Through Alignment
  • Listening With Empathy + Hands On Activity: A Modified Hoshin

    Explore quantitative and qualitative data modalities, and learn how to humanize your data sets while listening to your employees and customers with empathy. We’ll walk you through a powerful exercise that will empower you to drop silo walls while deepening your insights into your customer and your team, and end the day with a radar graph that will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your organization.

    • Empathetic, Humanized Approaches to Data Science
    • Why All Departments (Not Just Marketing or Data Science) Need to Be Involved
    • A Data-Centric Approach to Empathy Mapping
    • How to Use the Hoshin Method to Break Down Silos

Day 2: The End-to-End Intertwined Steps to Business Transformation

The Start to CX Mastery

  • Data Looping and Mapping

    Discover how to collect clean data and package those insights to deliver best in class outcomes while creating new opportunities for your organization. We’ll walk you through each step of the data loop and teach you how to map the data you collect back to your business goals.

    • A Primer in Data Looping/Mapping/Visualization
    • Best Practices of Data Science
    • How a Perpetual Analytical Model Leads to Sustainable Buy-In
    • The Crucial Steps to Making Your Data Actionable
  • Journey Analytics + Hands On Activity Building Your Customer Insights Map

    Move away from looking at touchpoints and get an end-to-end view of your buyer’s journey. We’ll show you how to apply analytics to your customer’s journey and walk you through our deep, innovative proprietary Customer Insights Map (CIM). In this deeper iteration of customer journey mapping, we show you how to gain a better understanding of how to improve your experience initiatives by getting a clear view of your organization and customer from a variety of angles.

    • Is This the Holy Grail of Analytics?
    • The Difference Between Journey Analytics and Path-to-Purchase
    • Quantifying Qualitative Data
    • A Deeper Iteration on Customer Journey Mapping
  • Innovation Looping and Mapping

    A lot has changed over the last decade. You’ll learn how to gather data-centric feedback to serve your innovation initiatives, and the best practices of gaining and sustaining buy-in from executive leaders.

    • Key Drivers of Innovation
    • Applying Data Looping/Mapping to Innovation Transformation
    • Gathering Data-Centric Feedback to Serve Innovation Initiatives
    • Best Practices of Gaining and Sustaining Buy-In From Executive Leaders
  • Intelligent Operations

    Intelligent operations addresses how to systematically collect and evaluate information to serve your organizational goals. It’s through technological and analytical rigor that you can bring your organization to the next level and operate more efficiently and effectively.

    • The What, How, Why of Intelligent Operations
    • Disrupting the Market With Data
    • Finding the Right Metrics to Monitor
  • Operationalizing vs. Executing

    Yesterday’s execution and deployment paradigm doesn’t work like it used to. You’ll learn the best practices of operationalizing real-time analytics within an organization, as well as how to identify opportunities to increase productivity and provide exceptional customer experiences.

    • The Difference Between Today’s and Yesterday’s Deployment & Execution Paradigm
    • Best Practices of Operationalizing Real-Time Analytics Within an Organization
    • Opportunities to Increase productivity and PRovide an Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Building Business Transformation Into Your DNA

    Business transformation cannot happen without organizational buy-in. It’s complex, and yet, it’s essential. You’ll learn how to turn initiatives into sustainable business transformation paradigms, find the lowest hanging fruit, achieve the highest ROI, and utilize the best practices in the next phase of your journey.

    • The Critical Pieces of a Modern Transformation Puzzle: Think Experiences First
    • How to Turn an Initiative Into a Sustainable Business Transformation Paradigm
    • How to Find the Lowest Hanging Fruit
    • Best Practices Next Steps (“The Pilot”)

Who Should Attend this In-Person MasterClass Workshop on Modern Business Transformation?




C-Suite Executives

C-Suite Executives

You’re the one people look to for direction, guidance, and support on intelligent initiatives. Inspire and empower your team to learn how to dominate today’s market.

Change Agents

Change Agents

You’re the trailblazer who can’t wait to bring your team and company to the next level. Catapult yourself and the people around you to new heights with smart, modern strategies.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders

You’re the person leading the charge. It’s you who has a profound impact on how well employees align with customer initiatives. Amplify your voice by upleveling yourself with knowledge.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

You’re the person people look to for transformative insights that’ll keep your business relevant and competitive. Learn how to tell a strong story using the data at your fingertips

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